Recorded Interviews with Richard & Mimi Fariņa


Ed Freeman's WTBS radio show The Golden Ring, 1965
49 minutes.
With Barry Tashian of The Remains on electric guitar. We don't know the date, but it is around the recording their second album in New York in the fall.
Celebration for a Grey Day
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
Hard Lovin' Loser
Chastity Belt
Sellout Agitation Waltz
One-Way Ticket


Big Sur Festival Spot
Just a few clips of Mimi are included in this brief spot on the Big Sur Festivals from KGO-TV San Francisco.

Interviews conducted by Michael Kleff for German public radio, at the Newport Folk Festival on Aug. 3, 1985, and in Mill Valley, May 17, 1986. Many thanks to Michael for allowing me to post them on the website.

Part One - First images she had in mind when she started Bread & Roses. (3:10)

Part Two - How the name Bread & Roses came about. (:48)

Part Three - From Idea to Achievement. (1:22)

Part Four - Recruiting and preparing artists. (:56)

Part Five - Choosing the right artist for the institution. (1:26)

Part Six - How the Solo album came about. Hoping to tour Germany (which happened in 1988 & 1990!). (1:47)

Part Seven - Contemplating U.S. culture. (1:14)

Dave Marsh - Commentary by Dave Marsh in 2001. (:50)

Mimi interviewed by Michael Kleff. Photo by Britta Michaelis.