The Only Alternative & His Other Possibilities

It seems Mimi Fariņa joined this rock band sometime in the summer of 1966. Their earliest known gig was in August of that year, and by February 1967, the band apparently had another female singer, as you can see from the blue and orange poster below. But Mimi probably left the band a little earlier than that, since she accompanied Joan on her two-month tour of Japan in January. The Only Alternative disbanded in 1969.

Left to right: Pat Hunt, Tor Olson, Tom Rice (in back), Mimi, Michael Aragon, John Bingham. If you know anything more about The Only Alternative and his Other Possibilities, write to me at


August 17, 1966, at The Fillmore.
Psychedelic Fashion Show.
This handbill shows Mimi and The Only Alternative billed as separate acts. Perhaps this is where they met. Jefferson Airplaine and Quicksilver Messenger Service are also on the bill.

Sep 30-Oct 2, 1966, at San Francisco State College
The Acid Test: "Whatever It Is"
The performers are not listed, but other sources list the following acts: Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters, The Grateful Dead; The Final Solution, Wildflower, Congress of Wonders, San Francisco Mime Troupe, The Committee, and Mimi Farina.

October 8, 1966, at U.C. Berkeley.
With Quicksilver Messenger Service
and Circus Maximus ("with Nepenthe")
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October 18 thru 23, 1966, at The Matrix.
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December 17, 1966, at California Hall.
With Country Joe and the Fish.
Artist: Tom Weller
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February 6-12, 1967, at The Matrix.
Opening for Sopwith Camel.
Artist: Victor Moscoso.

February 17-19, 1967, at The Matrix.
Artist: Victor Moscoso (from a photo by Fred Roth)
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June 3-4, 1967, at The Ark, in Sausalito, CA.
With Andrew Staples.
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October 7, 1967, at The Ark, Sausalito, CA
With Moby Grape and Baltimore Steam Packet.

unknown date, 1967, at The Ark, Sausalito, CA

Concert Dates:

Date:Appearing with:Venue:
66 Aug 17Mimi, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger ServiceFillmore Auditorium
66 Sep 30-Oct 2Grateful Dead, The Committee, Congress of Wonders    San Francisco State College
66 Oct 8Mimi, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Circus MaximusU.C. Berkeley
66 Oct 10-15Mimi, Tom Rice, Denise Le BrunHungry I
66 Oct 18-23(headlining)The Matrix
66 Oct 24-27Jefferson AirplaneThe Matrix
66 Dec 17Country Joe and the FishCalifornia Hall
67 Feb 6-12Sopwith Camel (billed but apparently never showed up)The Matrix
67 Feb 17-18Fred RothThe Matrix
67 Feb 19Big Brother & the Holding Company and Fred RothThe Matrix
67 Mar 3-5(headlining)The Matrix
67 Apr 4-8Steve Miller Blues Band, OrkustraThe Rock Garden
67 Jun 3-4Andrew StaplesThe Ark (in Sausalito)
67 Oct 7Baltimore Steam Packet, Moby GrapeThe Ark
[unknown date](headlining)The Ark

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